Flight Deck 5

Flight Deck 5

Flight Deck 5 for FSX is an add-on of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford
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The Flight Deck 5 for FSX 1.0 is a software simulation add-on program of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford for users of the FSX and FS2004 flight simulation programs. Seven virtual aircraft are included in the Flight Deck 5 for FSX 1.0, the F/A 18C Hornet; the F/A 18E Super Hornet; the E-2C Hawkeye; the S-3B Viking; the SH-60 Seahawk; the C-2A Greyhound, and the EA-6B Prowler. The aircraft carrier moves and the program features a catapult launch and recovery system. For FSX users, a new 3WireX technology provides 40 mini-missions with super accurate launch and recovery. The Flight Deck 5 for FSX 1.0 also features for FSX users, Basic Carrier Training, Maverick Missile Practice, a Crisis in the East mission, The Sonoburgh Mission and a Day of the Waterspouts mission. Those users are also provided with special animation updates including folding wings, cowl flaps, tail hook, and afterburners. FS2004 users are provided for with a static carrier, simplified catapult/recovery operations and 200 pre-saved flights. Special effects for a more authentic experience include steam vents from the surface of the deck and engine afterburners blast hot. Around the aircraft carrier, which is positioned near the Bay of Bangal, the English Channel, the South Pacific, Coastal San Diego or the Persian Gulf, animated wake effects can be seen and AI traffic.

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  • 7 Aircraft in one package


  • Missions & mini-missions only available for FSX
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